Francesco (Giovanni’s dad)

My son attended Little Genius Nursery for one academic year. He only left because we had to relocate to a different Country. We left in May for the vacation to be spent in Italy and he has been there for 4 months. During this period, every day, at least once a day he would say things like, ‘when I go back to school in Doha’ or ‘miss school’ or ‘where is miss Vicky or miss Ashwaaq’ and so on or he would tell his cousins stories about the “school in Doha”.

I think that this is the best way to transmit the fact that not only we, as parents, were satisfied about the learning experience for our son, but that our son really loved the school and it has been kind of difficult to have him settling down in the new nursery, as he is always comparing the new one with Little Genius.

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