Anita Tomany

We moved from the UK to Doha over 3 years ago, our international move coincided with my return to work after maternity leave. Finding the right nursery to trust with your young child is a big deal.
The first nursery we found in Doha was very disappointing and I was struggling with leaving my son and going to work. One of my colleagues recommended that I move Henry to Little Genius Nursery as it was the best in Doha and I never looked back.
In the last 3 years, I have loved watching Henry grow into a confident, happy little man who is ready to start school this September. The management and staff at Little Genius Nursery have been exceptional and could not have been more supportive; the structured learning, creative play and facilities are amazing and have helped to fast track Henry’s emotional and social development. 
Whether its crazy hair day, learning French and Arabic, music, cookery, learning numbers and phonics or performing in school plays/concerts, he has had every opportunity that I would associate with a primary school but delivered in a caring, supportive nursery environment. I have every confidence that this outstanding development will help him settle quickly into primary school and flourish.  Henry has enjoyed every minute and made some really good friends.  
I’m delighted that I chose Little Genius Nursery and would recommend it to everyone I know. Henry and I are going to miss all the kind and happy staff but we promise to visit soon.
I promise to stay in touch – thank you again for your amazing support 🙂
Many thanks indeed,

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