Admissions Policy

The process of admission to the nursery begins with you making your online application.

The application form contains essential information, which the nursery will treat with respect and with confidentiality.

When a place becomes available for your child, you will be contacted and invited to visit the nursery in order to complete the registration process.

Once the application process is complete and all documents have been submitted, a start date will be agreed. When a child starts a nursery for the first time or is moving to a new one, it can be a very unsettling experience. Therefore, parents are encouraged to spend a little time with their child for the first few days, to help them become familiar with the new surroundings.

Every effort will be made to ensure that every child settles quickly with the least amount of upset. During this settling time your child’s teacher and class team will ensure that he or she become happy, secure and confident with the new surroundings and routine.

Parents please note that it is very important to notify the nursery of ANY changes to contact details such as phone numbers, email addresses, emergency contact names, etc.